Project Management Services

Project Management Services


Thoughtful planning helps ensure project success before the initiation phase. Whether it be establishing the scope, viability, budget, schedule and team requirements for implementation and evaluation, De Leeuw can tailor a plan based on project goals. This includes evaluating risks and developing a plan that can assist with conceptual planning and development of the project.

Design management:

It is the process of integrating both design and project management from the pre-concept stage until project handover. De Leeuw specializes in incorporating the latest ideas and technologies in the client’s design process. We have the resources required to take on challenging design management projects across multiple locations while ensuring work is delivered on time.

Construction management:

De Leeuw’s experienced construction consultants offer strong leadership, attention to details and valued partnerships throughout the project life cycle. Our consultants possess the construction experience to provide real-world, cost effective solutions to everyday challenges that owners, engineers, contractors and architects face throughout the construction stage.

Risk Assessment and Risk Management:

The process of anticipating the uncertainty in the project and taking necessary actions to overcome them throughout the course of a project. De Leeuw identifies, assesses and controls the foundation of risk uncertainties through a tailored methodology that can help deliver successful financial and operation outcomes while mitigating potential risks involved.

Health and safety:

An approach where health & safety factors are managed effectively to mitigate risks in the workplace. De Leeuw’s primary objective of health and safety management is to form a structured management approach to control health and safety risks. We provide a one-stop service that assist clients in developing cost-effective and valuable health and safety services across multiple sectors.