Cost Consultancy Services

Cost Consultancy Services


Quantity Surveying:

De Leeuw understands that quantity surveying is a vital part of the design and construction stage. Whether a project is in the pre-construction stage or during the construction stage, our team of dedicated experts work closely with clients to find the right balance between cost, quality, value and budget. We have built a reputation on ensuring construction projects are completed well within the agreed time frame whilst offering a proactive tailor-made approach to clients.

Cost management:

De Leeuw provides a pro-active cost management service throughout the entire project life cycle. Our team of experienced professionals make use of benchmarking data to offer services right from the initial feasibility cost estimate. We offer key understanding of the client’s objectives and offer advice on procurement, risk management and design throughout the project process.


In any construction project, it is crucially important to select the appropriate method of procurement during the construction process. De Leeuw has a team of experienced procurement personnel together with an effective procurement policy that clients can benefit from when getting advice on the most suitable procurement route.

Contract administration:

De Leeuw understands the importance of successful delivery of our clients’ projects are dependent on the professional preparation of commercial contracts. We prepare and manage all the required project documentation, including tender documents, consultancy agreement forms and all other required documents.


At De Leeuw, we have a team of qualified professionals who have experience in identifying, analysing and preparation of construction claims for construction projects worldwide. Should a construction claim occur, we can assist in assessing or validating entitlement and quantification of damages thus promoting a successful resolution in an efficient and timely manner.

Our Claim Resolution Methodology incorporates a systematic process involving problem identification, document analysis and development of computerized document databases, contract analysis, and entitlement analysis, establishment of cause-effect relationships which often require CPM schedule analyses and damages analysis and calculations.

We identify the problems which cause cost, quality, and time problems on the project. Our Services include but are not limited to:

o Claims Identification
o Damage Assessments
o Change Order Impacts
o Schedule Delay Analysis
o Time Impact Analysis
o Disruption Assessments
o Acceleration Claims
o Contract Termination or Suspension
o Assessment of Force Majeure Events
o Claims Mitigation & Avoidance
o Claim Preparation & Presentation

Dispute resolution:

Forward thinking and highly competent, De Leeuw are committed to proactive and early claims avoidance, identification and resolution. We are backed by experience across a wide range of sectors. Our focus on solving problems and building strong relationships has enabled us to offer a personal level of care and service excellence unmatched by our competitors.